Masama Cultural Tourism Programme

Kahawa Migombani – Total time: 2 to 3 hours
Coffee plantations on the villages surrounds the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania produce some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee. Masama village been one among the villages which surround the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is located 10 kilometers off from Moshi – Arusha road. Masama Cultural Tourism Programme offers a perfect package of Kahawa Migombani cultural tour. The tour exposes visitors into different local activities:

  • Visiting the small-holder coffee growers.
  • Learn the history and success stories of the Arabica coffee plantations.
  • Coffee harvesting (July – December)
  • Coffee processing
  • Coffee packaging
  • Traditional preparation of cup of coffee
  • Testing or drinking your Arabica cup of coffee

Why Kahawa Migombani

“Kahawa” is the Swahili name for Coffee, while “Migombani” stands for banana farm. The mineral nutrients from volcanic soils and banana trees grown in coffee farms contributes to a balanced flavors, pleasant aroma as well as sweet taste (normally of a sweet banana flavor). Visiting Masama Cultural Tourism Programme will enrich you with the culture and lifestyle of Arabica coffee growers who live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Traditional Food – Total time: (normal lunch – 45 minutes)
Kahawa Migombani goes well with well prepared palatable traditional cuisine. With banana ingredients more than four delicious banana dishes can be prepared. Mixed other dishes accompanied with seasonal fruits are also available.

Note: Full participatory in preparation of these traditional food – Total time: (2 hours)

Mula Market visit – Total time: 1 hour
Each Monday and Thursday of the week in Masama village we have a local market. Participation in this amazing 80% traditional trading of the common organic products including bananas, vegetables and chickens are of a common occurrence in this particular market. Clients and other interested parties are encouraged to visit not only Kahawa Migombani but also the rest of the traditional concern in Masama village.

The Maasai, who roam the Maasai Steppe in and near the Northern Safari Circuit, is the most popular tribe to visit. Traditionally, Maasai live entirely off of animals, tending goats and cattle. Their main diet is milk mixed with cattle blood (by nicking the jugular vein, they cause no harm to the animal). They roam with their herds to wherever the best grazing land is at the present time. Although known as fierce warriors, they are very friendly people who welcome visitors. They are famous for their knowledge of herbal medicines. During a visit, you will get the opportunity to go inside one of their dwellings, participate in their song and dance and learn about their traditional culture. They are known for their jewelery and you can buy souvenirs direct from the women who make them.

The Hadzabe is another very unique tribe to visit. They are among the last true hunter-gatherers left in the world. While the women forage for edible vegetation, the males hunt by poison arrows any game ranging from mice to giraffe. The favored meat is baboon. Their shelters are so temporary that often when a large game is killed such as a giraffe, the tribe will relocate to the kill site rather than attempt to transport the game. The clothing of the Hadzabe is also opportunistic, wearing anything from donated western style clothing to animal skins to nothing at all. Attempts by the government to change the lifestyle of the Hadzabe have to present failed but their available hunting grounds are diminishing and their lifestyle is in danger. The Hadzabe welcome visitors and may also be invited to join in on a hunt. While hunting is a daily event, the majority of their diet is foraged roots and berries. They are expert honey gatherers, and have an excellent knowledge of natural medicines. They are also as quick to make a fire with sticks than some people are with a match. With civilization encroaching ever closer, much of the larger game that was once hunted is being driven away, making this lifestyle ever more difficult.

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